Staging for Gain

I’ve seen quite a few real estate shows on cable networks, particularly in recent years, where real estate agents employ staging professionals regularly to show houses at their best and garner top dollar for the house sale.  Recently I had a conversation with a person in the business of staging houses for sale that provided this perspective on their job. When furniture and items match and are situated in a room to fit the character, size and shape of the room they maximize appeal with buyers and profits for agents.  I thought about how this applies to people also.  How many individuals today are doing work opposed to a vocation their suited for because they were once offered a job, someone suggested the career, someone told them they could make a lot of money, or have security, or because it seems easy.  How many people today are not able to reach their potential because they are doing work that does not match and suit and maximize their talents and character traits?  Environments, situations and circumstances may lead and even force a person sometimes to accept a certain job and work that doesn’t fit and motivate, but seldom is anyone forced to remain in such a position forever.  Grumbling, waiting and wishing for something different to appear will never produce a desired outcome, but staging for gain will.  No matter what job you are at today, if you are courageous and faithful in preparing and practicing for something better, something that fits and distinguishes you from others, something you can do best when the opportunity comes (and it will come), in the words of the house stager you will be fitted and able to maximize your appeal and potential and gain.

About Bud Hart

Work experience prior to starting Hart Group includes PBH Enterprises, employment with the Merrimack Valley Planning Commission and the Merrimack Valley Regional Transit Authority. Private sector experience includes 10 years managing operations, finances and property for a prominent Boston-based company, and business and financial operations for a Wellesley, Mass. start-up. I hold a Master’s degree from Boston University with a concentration in urban planning and administration, an undergraduate degree in planning and landscape architecture from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and Erickson International College Professional Coach Certification program
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