Practicing Inspiration

There are people that have the gift of tongue.  I love to listen to individuals who can deliver words in such a way and with such emotion that they invigorate my thinking and inspire and motivate me to self improvement.  But these occasions are comparable to watching a 60 second commercial on television.  Advertisers attempt to pique my curiosity and inform me of something that I should want, but they don’t give it to me.  I have to take action to make it mine.  Commercials and inspiring seminars and speakers are prompts.  They are flashing moments in time when a message registers, “Things can be different, they can be better.”  When you set out to make change, to improve, to reach a goal in your life it is important to understand that transforming what is into what can be is about practice not philosophy.  To get the full benefit from an inspirational seminar or speech you have to take it into your life, you have take action on it and practice it regularly the same way you do any essential personal practice, such as brushing your teeth.  Not everybody has the gift, the ability and the desire to inspire others to take actions with their words, but to the degree that anyone is inspired to self improvement sustaining encouragement and action to get from where you are to where you want to be takes practice.


About Bud Hart

Work experience prior to starting Hart Group includes PBH Enterprises, employment with the Merrimack Valley Planning Commission and the Merrimack Valley Regional Transit Authority. Private sector experience includes 10 years managing operations, finances and property for a prominent Boston-based company, and business and financial operations for a Wellesley, Mass. start-up. I hold a Master’s degree from Boston University with a concentration in urban planning and administration, an undergraduate degree in planning and landscape architecture from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and Erickson International College Professional Coach Certification program
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