Partnerships for Delivering Ideas, Services, Productivity and Profits

PRO-TeamingSM is the service mark of Hart Group (formally PBH Enterprises).

While coaching can open the door to enter into success it is really important for decision makers to manage and take care of the little things and tiny details in the workplace that create satisfaction.  The goal of Pro-Teaming is to encourage creativity and cost savings in everything.  I believe it is important in coordinating services to find ways to give customers what they need, as effectively and economically as possible. Over the years this formula of coordinating quality affordable management and services and churning out resourceful ideas has successfully satisfied many clients at a number of projects.

In addition to coaching you can rely on Hart Group to provide knowledgeable and experienced business and property management consulting for workplace environments and managing outside skilled professionals, technicians, contractors and vendors for both large and small jobs.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed.


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