Coaching and Consulting

In a nutshell, a coach is like a partner, while a consultant is more like an advisor.

Coaching is about “support and facilitation,” someone helping you to chose what is right for you in a way that assists you to achieve what you want. Consulting is about “advice”, someone telling you what to do and you doing it.

In some respects coaching is a form of consulting, in that coaching does assist you to solve problems, reach goals, design action plans, and create desired results. However, unlike consulting where you achieve these things somebody else’s way; with the assistance of a coach you do it your way.

With Hart Group you get the expertise of both a Professionally Trained and Certified Coach and an Experienced Business Consultant. The support and guidance you receive from working with Hart Group will save you time and money when it comes to creating and nurturing a profitable and satisfying living.

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